The 2019 Update!

Well everyone it has been a while since we wrote a blog entry and a lot has happened in that time, we came to the end of 2018 (our first year of trading!) and we can honestly say it has been amazing! Throughout the year thanks to the amazing support of each and every one of you we have went literally from strength to strength. This year was spent finding our feet…experimenting with what works and what doesn’t in terms of how we operate at conventions and figuring out what people really want in their horror products! Now I am not going to say that we have that all figured out now but we have a good idea of the direction we need to take in order to continue to grow and that will allow us to continue to produce the high quality products you have come to expect.


So here is the information that your all now wondering…what are we going to be doing in 2019!?


Ok so step 1…continue to experiment! We will never stop playing around with how we work at conventions and the products that we want to make! Not only that but our current products are always being looked at and updated. You may have noticed this with the updated paint schemes to the Zombie Toe Drive and adapting the skull to a gaming headset mount. The risk of just doing the same thing over and over again is a slippery slope to becoming stuck in your ways and we aim to avoid that as much as we can! So expect lots interesting new stuff happening at the conventions we attend!


Speaking of conventions! Where are we going to be in 2019!? Well we currently have a whole host of conventions booked and confirmed and are working on attending more all the time! Choosing which conventions to attend is a very big deal to us so we make sure that we do our research on each event that we want to attend before we contact the event. The events we are currently booked to attend can be found in the Events section of our website and each will have a link to their home web site so you can what amazing things they have going on.


New Products! My my we have some downright scary stuff planned for you this year! We are working on entering the world of mask making and already have several masks that are just about to enter the tricky painting stages where we decide on the colour schemes and themes for each mask (A few of these you have already seen!). These are all high quality latex masks so we are taking our time making sure that the detail and finish on each one is as amazing as you have come to expect from us!  These masks are most likely to be made to order once we have finalised the designs.



Nest step….expanding our interaction with all of you horror loving people! Many of you know that we are very willing to stand and chat to every person that wanders anywhere near us at a convention about literally everything and anything! We are also always open to helping people create their own monsters and are very willing to offer advice when its asked for on whatever projects you may be working on, infact we have been talking to some of you for months on end about their designs and even sending out videos on how to do some of the more ticky stuff! Both of these things we will continue to do but what we aim to do this year is continue to grow our presence on social media and the people who make that happen are all of you! By sharing the content that you like and tagging other people who you think will like to see what we do you help us reach an ever-increasing audience. We definitely have our part to play in this and we hope to continue to deliver on our side of the deal by putting out as much great stuff as we can. We may be working on some top-secret things to help in this department so stay tuned!


Prize giveaways! You might have seen that we ran a prize giveaway on Facebook not to long ago where one lucky winner received a 16GB thumb drive in celebration of us reaching our first 500 likes. This is something that we hope to continue…we have a number of goals in mind that we will be celebrating in the future and each one will be linked to a prize draw. The prizes themselves will vary each time and will be posted in advance to allow you time to enter!


These are just some of the plans we have for this coming year…im not about to spill the beans on everything that we have going on as obviously that would spoil some awesome surprises! The main point is that we aim for 2019 to be bigger and better and we want to thank everyone for their support and look forward to some of the things I have hinted at! You guys are the best!


-Kenny (Pigeon Creek Studio)

Melissa Macmillan