Monsters and Gore!

In our last blog instalment we gave an introduction of ourselves and a little bit of a background about us, this time we are going to give you an insight into why we decided to make the things that we all love….monsters and gore!


So, why monsters, gore and creepy things? We feel that everyone has a secret love affair with stuff that scares us…we are subconsciously drawn towards it. For our minds, fear is a good thing, at a very basic level it keeps us safe. On a whole different level we want to push the boundaries of what scares us and that is where we come in. There is a level for each person that they are unwilling to cross, that level is going to be different for every individual person. For example…Melissa loves everything horror… Nothing seems to scare her, zombies? No problem. Ghosts? She loves creepy stuff! Spiders? OH HELL NO!



Yep, Melissa’s fear is for sure Spiders and she just cant deal with them, as soon as one is in the house she is yelling for the cat to save her. We want to create things that put you somewhere between these different reactions.


From a purely creative side of things we feel that Horror and Gore give you the most scope to bring your imagination to life. You can literally go anywhere with it because as we said each individual has differences in what they fear. Some may be scared of clowns, for others its werewolf’s or maybe its as simple as the unknown. The list of what you can scare people with is as long as you want it to be and we love that idea. If you have the skill to create something that scares people or that those who are really into the horror genre love then we feel that shows real talent. You have to be able to take something from your imagination and make it look real, or replicate something like a torn off ear or finger so people are so creeped out they have to build up the courage to even touch them!


With our all of our products we feel that attention to detail is what’s going to be the main attraction because that’s what makes it feel real. The devil is in the detail as they say, and with some of our future products that might literally be true! We apply this rule to everything, for example we recently attended an amazing Harry Potter themed event (For the Love of Fantasy) where we made a large tombstone replica from one of the movies and everyone loved it because the details were perfect, there were people with some real knowledge of the movies & books that couldn’t find fault with anything and that is what we aim for.


Now, loving horror the way we do we are also after a reaction when people see our creations. If that reaction is “oh my god that is so cool” and the person is really into what we have made then we have done our job right. If the reaction goes to “omg that’s gross” or “im not going near that” then that’s even better! At the Harry Potter event we mentioned earlier we almost ambushed people with that fear and it was amazing to see people do a double take when they realised what we had on display and then slowly creep towards the table with a guilty look of morbid fascination. People were coming back 3,4 even 5 times to our stall because as I said earlier we are drawn to stuff that scares us. Even more interesting was the fact that children were so much bolder than their adult counterparts! There was even a toddler that wandered off with their purchase of a zombie ear and they couldn’t have looked more chuffed if they had just been given all the sweets in the world at once.


Where else would you find this? We choose these things to make because we love to see your reaction, we love to see that initial fascination with an item and then when you get past the overall image of what you are seeing then you notice the detail that goes into them. Sometimes that reaction comes 5 minutes later when you realise that the severed thumb you were looking at is actually a USB drive, and we get to have the privilege of bringing you that experience.


We hope you enjoy reading these insights into the world of Pigeon Creek Studio! Next time we will be looking at one of the events we have attended in detail, to show you what its like attending an event as a vendor!

-         Pigeon Creek Studio

Melissa Macmillan